Their attention to detail & creativity transports you thru an exceptional world. Here's what the critics have said:

"Close to the Edge is quite possibly, progressive rock’s defining masterwork —  the music itself remains timeless". 

- Ryan Reed (Rolling Stone)

​"Ten seconds of silence. Forty seconds of atmospheric new age sounds then the jazz rock fusion kicks in. Drums do things, the bass concentrates hard and the guitar twists, spirals and turns. Around the three minute mark a decent melody appears and a little later a funky, almost reggae-fied bass rhythm. This supports the introduction of the opening vocals well. And, there you have the beginning of this 'Close To The Edge' ! It's a thrilling way to open. You can almost see the studied concentration of all involved.  Around the ten minute mark, the third section 'I Got Up, I Get Down' kicks in. Or, rather more accurately, floats dreamily in. I adore this part! Ethereal, beautiful vocals. What sounds like a church organ adds to the spiritual feel of this piece. 'Close To The Edge' the song, ends by returning to jazz influenced rock music. Superb playing from all involved". - Adrian's Reviews


Coming soon: CTTE unplugged!

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The most talented tribute Band out there...